Utilising peer-reviewed mathematics to measure a firm’s performance, flwpx has developed financial reports under the brand finpx.

finpx collaborates with auditors and charted accountants to ensure that the information provided has the necessary integrity, fidelity and transparency. finpx delivers reports incorporating assumptions based on the selected strategy to generate projections and evaluations.

finpx reports utilise a standardised system of collation and calculation, resulting in a consistent methodology to consolidate the effect a change in a firm’s operations could have on the firm’s future and if an injection of capital may save the firm from collapsing.


flwpx software is currently used by our South African client, G&A Compass Publishing and Training (Pty) Ltd, who delivers complex business plans that usually consists of more than 100 pages.

So far, G&A Compass have used our software to generate 44 business plans, each in compliance with the Companies Act no 71 of 2008, as amended.